Engaging Followers With Stories

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Engage with your audience and build your following by utilizing Instagram’s newest feature: Instagram Stories. Check out our list below on the benefits of this new addition to the app and give it a go for yourself! The introduction of Stories saves the risk of losing online followers by switching over to apps such as Snapchat for informal picture and video content. Keep your established audience engaging with you and try Social Envy’s organic follower boosting service and get growing that follower count fast!


Keep Things Fun- Show Off your Personality!

Instagram Stories offer a fun, informal way to add fresh content to your gram. With their limited daily lifespan you can feel free to post less polished content that is fun and maybe not on par with your gram ‘brand’; allowing you to try out new things and show off your personality to your followers. Add some quirky doodles or captions to really take advantage of the feature and keep your audience interested.

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Put your Best Face Forward

While Stories offer more flexibility than traditional Instagram posts, some of the same rules apply. Just like your normal Insta feed, Story posts that feature faces have been shown to generate more interest from viewers. So get snapping those selfies, you’re followers will love you for it!


Encourage Engagement Through Shout Outs and Calls to Action

The informal nature of these stories offer a great opportunity to give shout-outs to your followers and up the level of engagement and interaction with your ‘gram community. You can prompt engagement via instructing followers to comment their responses or like your latest posts which will in turn give you more exposure and follows- simple! Try doing shout outs to a few followers daily to offer added incentive to keep engaging with your content and build a strong following.

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