Top 5 Ideas for Switching up Your Feed

Ever scrolled through your feed and thought it looked a bit #snore? Don’t worry, we got you. Try out Social Envy’s follower growth service and check out our Top 5 fix-it’s for your feed and start shaking things up for your new found followers!


Spruce up those Selfies

No matter how much you’re feelin’ yo self, try mix up those selfies. We’re not saying don’t show off that pretty face, just maybe try mix up your angles or get someone else to snap the picture to keep things fresh.  Alternate between selfies and other content to keep things interesting for your followers.

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The selfie queen herself miss @kimkardashian is a go-to for snap inspo.


Disrupt the Grid

While Instagram now allows you to feature different shaped images, when viewed as a whole page your pics still appear as square thumbnails. Escape this grid and try manually cropping your images before you upload ’em to the gram to create  crisp visual impact framing your pics in white.



Try some Text

image00 image01 image04

Try break up the constant flow of images by using some text-based posts. Opt for cute quotes in beautiful typography to inject some newness to your feed.


Work Row by Row

Feeling a bit bored with your Insta vibe and want to try something new? Try changing up your colour scheme row by row to ensure it still looks polished. Work 3 photos at a time with different colour palates or image compositions to keep your followers on their toes and engaged.

image06 image05

Lifestyle blogger @marianna_hewitt knows how to work that colour grid.


Use Negative Space

Like text posts, images that utilize negative space well are a great way to break up a busy feed. Try out some sparse landscapes or carefully framed subjects to draw the eye and visually de-clutter your ‘gram.

 image08 image10

@ hamhennes and @anniset employ negative space perfectly.

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