Top 3 Do’s & Dont’s #fitpic

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fitpic commandments

Want to make sure those gym selfie’s are putting in work? Subscribe to Social Envy’s Instagram growth service and check out our bible of fitpic Do’s & Don’ts below and be on your way to growing your #fitfollowing.


what to do


  • Check your Background

Keep your selfie game strong by ensuring the background of your snap is free from clutter, there is nothing worse than a messy room detracting from your gains, amiright?! If you’re opting for a sneaky bathroom pic make sure the mirror is clean, or if your posting from the gym be sure to check you’re not snapping any unsuspecting photo-bombers; you’re the star after all!


Social Envy Athlete @rachelboler has the right idea!
Social Envy Athlete @rachelboler has the right idea!
  • Work them Angles

You want to show off all your hardwork by finding which angle makes you look your best; that’s a given. Use lighting and camera placement to your advantage to enhance your pic; a good go-to to try is holding the camera slightly above your head and off to the side, but have yourself a little photo shoot and see what works best!

Our girl @abbey_jessop knows how to werk it
Our girl @abbey_jessop knows how to werk it
  • Location, Location, Location

Some of the best fitpics feature an awesome scenic background; take inspiration from Instagram superstars such as Jen Selter and venture outside and get snapping. There’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned mirror selfie, but abs and #views are a winning combo!


@jackiebutler_ flexin' on that view
@jackiebutler_ flexin’ on that view


shalt not


  • Fake it

While we are all for a little bit of fine tuning when it comes to selfies, don’t overdo it. There is nothing worse than too much airbrushing distracting from all your gains! Followers of your fitness journey will respond to genuine-looking  posts so remember less is more. grow


  • Be Shy!

We get it, it can be a little daunting including your face in a post-workout snap,  but don’t be shy! Studies show that pictures featuring faces get 38% more likes, so go easy on the cropping fam!

@katiejean_health adds some face value to her fitpics
@katiejean_health adds some face value to her pics
  • Forget to Flex

You’ve checked your surroundings, found your good side and have that smile ready, now don’t forget to flex! Be sure to flaunt those #shredded muscles with the perfect pose and put that selfie to WORK.

@brian_choi_fitness looking aesthetic AF
@brian_choi_fitness looking aesthetic AF