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Collaborating via shout out’s on Instagram is an awesome way to build a following and engage with like-minded people/accounts. See our go-to guide on how to max out your gram through shout outs and be on your way to Insta fame!


Engage before you ask for shout outs

Before you approach someone for an Insta shout out, make sure you have engaged with some of their content previously. Ensure you have liked, commented and responded to a few of their posts before you ask anything of them. You wouldn’t ask a favour from a stranger in real life completely out of the blue, and the same rules apply on the gram- it’s just good manners! Also, be prepared to return the favour, it is a collaboration after all.

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Contact them via email or DM

When asking for a shout out, it’s a great idea to message them privately via DM or via their email account if they have one listed in their bio; this way you avoid your comment being lost and ignored which is especially important if they have a huge follower base on the gram. Be as friendly and professional as possible to avoid sounding creepy (aka “sliding up in their DM’s”) and be sure to respond positively regardless of their response- keep it cute team!

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Don’t be too needy

Again, just like in ‘the real world’ no one likes someone who comes on too strong. By all means, put yourself out there and follow the correct channels to ask for a shout out, but if they don’t respond make sure you take the hint. Some users just aren’t into that kind of thing, and that’s cool- plenty more fish in the sea!


Collab with Similar Content

You want to approach users with similar content to you; there is no point asking for a shout out from a avid fit chick if you’ve never set foot in a gym yourself;  your ‘brands’ needs to be cohesive. Even if they did agree to a ‘s4s’ (that’s ‘shout out for shout out’ for those of you not in the know), you’re follower count wouldn’t grow all that much as their audience won’t be feeling your content, so look for like-minded grammer’s.

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Check for Similar Follower Count

There is no point hitting someone up for a shout out if their follower army is thousands strong and you’re barely hitting a hundred; it’s just not gonna happen. You want to make sure you’re on a relatively similar level so that the collab is mutually beneficial- if they aren’t getting anything out of it 9 times out of 10 they won’t bother.


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