05 Dec, 2016

#inspo – Fashion Accounts

05 Dec, 2016


We all spend way too much time scrolling through our social media newsfeeds—it’s okay, we all do it. If you follow the right accounts, this scrolling can offer some major inspo, rather than just an enjoyable waste of time. Following successful accounts is also a great way to improve your own. Popular fashion accounts can offer you some major pointers on theme, colour scheme, and content.

If you’re in need of some inspo, we’ve got some rad fashion accounts to inspire your own below:


Audrey Leighton takes European street style to the next level—her posts are always on point. Take note of the carefully curated colour scheme too!



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Brooke Testoni is a stylist, writer, producer and creative director who somehow still has time to post some perfect fashion ‘grams. It’s no wonder she’s got 132k followers.



Krystal Boyd Priest is a Perth-based grammer who owns some seriously cool clothing stores—meaning her fashion grams are always on point. Priest is definitely one to watch if you’re in need of inspiration that’s just a little bit edgy.



Talisa Sutton is a Sydney-based fashion blogger whose gram has been making the most of a rad monochromatic theme lately. Sutton is definitely worth following if you’re inspired by muted tones and beautiful snaps.



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Hanneli Mustaparta is a photographer, fashion blogger and model whose perfect outfits make for great snaps (and great inspiration for you).



Leandra Medine is the creator of the New-York based fashion blog Man Repeller. Medine is a fashion blogger who takes risks and doesn’t take herself too seriously—serving up some major inspo in the process.



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Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton are the Australian bloggers behind They All Hate Us. Give both gals a follow for some major fashion inspiration.


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