How To Take A Selfie

how to take a selfie

Recently the team at Social Envy got onto the subject of taking selfies and that got us wondering how anyone used to take selfies without a front camera. We’ve tried, and let us tell you – it wasn’t easy and the results weren’t always great, if anyone knows how to take a selfie with an old school phone… let us know. Fortunately, these days we can take a decent selfie in a matter of seconds with the help of trusty front cameras.

Now that it’s so easy to take one, how do you make sure you make the most of a selfie opp? Well, we went on a mission to bring you the best tricks for taking better selfies. No one knows good selfies like the Kardashian-Jenner Klan. What you will find below is a Komprehensive selfie guide, as seen on the social media superstars’ Instagram feed :

Ok, Heres How to take a selfie.

1) Lighting Really Is King

Very few things are worse than trying to take a pretty selfie in unflattering lighting. We’ve certainly been left horrified at the state of our eyebrows or undereye area many-a-time. Now we know that soft daylight is best.  If that’s not available, a well lit room or even a light-up phone case will do the trick.

lighting for how to take a selfie
King Kylie always uses lighting to her advantage.

2) Know Your Face and Work Your Angle

Everyone has a ‘good’ side, and a selfie is the perfect time to show it off. If you don’t know your best angle, for most people chin down, arm up seems to work pretty well, as it hides a double chin and makes the eyes stand out.

working angles on how to take a selfie
Kendall and Norman working their angle here.

3) If in Doubt, Crop It

If there’s anything Kim K has taught us, it’s that if something is ruining your perfect selfie, just crop it out. For instance, your face might be looking a little too wide, you got a stain on your shirt, or your child’s hair is looking frizzy. You know, that type of thing.

cropping how to take a selfie
Here Kim was feeling her lewk, but North’s hair was frizzy, so she got the crop.
4) Take 451 Selfies Until You Have the Perfect One
3 of them        2       3 k

5) Stick a Filter on It

Once you’ve got the winning selfie, try out a filter to take it to the next level.

Kendall is giving us some seriously sultry vibes.
Kendall is giving us some seriously sultry vibes.

6) Caption It

Don’t forget to caption it with something that will convey your personality. After all, a selfie is a photo of your ‘self’.

BEHOLD The Kim Kardashian Selfie in all it’s glory

Kim Kardashian Selfie Mirror
Snaps for Kim’s ability to laugh at herself. What would a Kim Kardashian selfie be without a bit of skin!

Now we’ve equipped you with everything you need how to take a selfie, you can put your best selfie forward. Do you want to increase your following an engagement like Kim K? Maybe give  the Social Envy service a try?