Hashtag Focus: Active Hashtags

Who would have thought that such a little symbol could be used to connect us all in such a huge way. Moreover, it can even encourage people to take action! Hashtags are the lifeblood of content on Instagram– they make your content more discoverable to others. It helps us to find specific content we’re looking for, and add to the conversation. We now have the chance to be possibly represented by something that we can use over and over again! This consistency is really great for our followers; it gives them something specific to look out for, as well as increases engagement if they decide to adopt it and use it when using our products/services! Here are some focused tips on how we can use active instagram followers to grow hashtags to increase engagement and brand visibility.

What is an active hashtag?

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These hashtags are reinforced by your brand, but also by behaviors. This @cocacola hashtag campaign, #shareacoke, is incredibly engaging and has given them a lot of great exposure and momentum. It’s a great example of how we can suggest behaviors and get our followers actively engaged. It also has an active verb in the hashtag, which doesn’t hurt. Create something like this for your followers– ask them to mention you, give them behaviors to follow, have them do something fun! Don’t just expect to get engagement from your content alone. It’s about reciprocity, and you can use hashtags to build an active community for your brand and followers.

Contests, Content, and Engagement

You can also offer contests and giveaways to your followers. You can use hashtags to do this by asking them to post themselves using your product or service or inspiration, use the hashtag you set, and there you go. You’ve got yourself a bunch of engagement. Here’s the #Leefreestyle contest.

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Caption this! Go! 😊 @wongsim 📸

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Calvin Klein did something similar, yet they didn’t give anything away, and their engagement was HUGE! It’s something that is still around today, as you can see from the post above by @mitchell.wick. Hashtags linger and will stay with your brand, keeping your visibility high.

Okay, so here’s one complaint: but I don’t want people to see my hashtags! I don’t want them to take away from my caption! They don’t look good! Etc. There are ways around that. If you see here, @mitchell.wick doesn’t have any hashtags in his caption. But this photo comes up as a top hit for #mycalvins. How? He uses the comments to post his hashtags.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.25.55 PMThis can be a good tool to use if you want your hashtags to be less visible to your followers. They can still be seen, but it’s not the FIRST thing noticed, nor is it part of your caption. Hashtags can be used discreetly, but to completely throw them out because you’re worried about followers seeing them can be a huge disservice to your engagement and visibility.

What’s your favorite hashtag? Let us know in the comments!