The Gram: Top Tips

We’ve studied some of the gram’s heavyweights and have discovered some must-try tips to help you on your way to Insta-greatness. Team Social Envy’s follower booster service with these handy hints and get yo gram on fleek.


Image Selection

Rule number one on Instagram: be picky. While you want to have fun with your posts, make sure you’re posting quality images that are going to inspire engagement from your followers. Always take more photos than you think you’ll need so you have plenty to choose from when it comes to posting a final image.

Experiment with Cropping and Framing

Get creative with how you construct your images and present your followers with something a little different. Experimenting with some artful cropping and framing will make your images stand out from the crowd and get those likes rolling in.

image02 (1)

Love your Pics

First and foremost, you have to love your pictures. If you aren’t crushing on your posts, how do you expect others to fall in love with your snaps? Don’t just take pictures for the sake of it, if you enjoy your content this will translate to your gram and your followers will find you more genuine.


A brilliant tip used by some of Instragram’s greats- always use the HDR feature on your camera when taking pictures in low light. This function allows you to capture more lowlights and highlights, making your imagery stronger and more dynamic.

Keep it Simple

Last but not least, keep it simple. This goes for your pics, but also your captions. Leave lengthy paragraphs in a separate blog post that you can link from your bio- remember Instagram is a visual platform so try keep the focus on your beautiful snaps.