Instagram Feature Focus: “Shop”

Feature Focus: Shop feature

With 2017 ending, and 2018 on the verge, we have got quite a few exciting things to keep an eye out for in the new year. You can expect to see some major function updates in the new year, so keep your eye on our blog for the scoop as we explain what is in the works. But today, we’re going to focus on the shop feature and shopping tags.

Instagram is beyond aware that businesses, artists, models, influencers, celebs, etc.! are using this platform as a primary method of marketing and client acquisition. It is BOOMING, and they know it. The addition of Instagram stories was a great way to link your followers to your website or store, as it allows the “swipe up” option and sends them directly to your page. But there is another now very useful tool that is rolling out: SHOP!

What is it? Well, one thing you will see on the main business page is a bar that has 3 options: Shop, Call, Email. This in itself makes a business much more accessible. How does the shop feature integrate into photos? Let’s take a look, we’ll be using @tartecosmetics to demonstrate:

IMG-4842 copy

You will see “shopable” photos with an icon similar to one that the photo collections have, only it is a shopping bag! (Makes sense, tbh)


Also, when you view the photos, handy dandy product description tags pop up over the photo. If you click the little bag in the corner, they will go away, or come back.


So what does this mean? Well, it’s quite useful, actually!

You can link this directly to the product on your website for easy purchasing. Buying has never been easier; it’s clear to see that IG is quickly becoming not only a way to keep in touch with family and friends, but a huge driver in the way we shop. It is an online catalog of all of your followers’ favorite things, all one click away from purchase!


There are some downsides, though. As we know, the desktop version of IG isn’t as updated as the mobile version; that is to say, since Insta is a primarily mobile platform, the desktop version usually runs a bit behind. They barely made stories available on desktop, and as of this moment, the shop feature isn’t available to users on desktop. Not a huge downside, but if you have people browsing via desktop, they won’t be exposed to this at the moment.

The second (and more disappointing) downside is that the shopping tags may not be an option for your business just yet: they are only available to eligible and approved businesses located in the US. But! Keep your eye out for this feature, as it may very well be rolling out over time to become more accessible. We can only hope! This new year will bring some exciting things, stay woke guys!

What are your best methods for linking your followers to your website? Let us know!