Don’t Miss: Tips for Selling on Instagram

Instagram has huge numbers of user engagement, and this is invaluable as a business owner! From our last post, Instagram has created some new ways for businesses to market their products in a very clear and impulse-buy type of way. But as we also mentioned, these features aren’t available to everyone just yet. So for those of you looking to increase sales via Instagram, let’s take a look at a few things you can to do boost those numbers.

  1. Exclusivity

Instagram is a community, and people like the feeling of such. For this reason, offering certain deals and exclusive content make followers feel like they are getting a good deal, that they are the only ones being offered this. You can also give them discounts or offers for tagging friends and getting them to follow, as well as creating contests and shoutouts. Another great thing is to utilize user generated content. If you get your followers active and use their photos on your account, you can get some great content for yourself that way, and also it will encourage your followers to do the same so they have a hope of being featured!

Nice contest here from @Goldenroadbrew. Even we want to enter!

  1. Suggestive selling

Instagram has a certain level of subtlety that other platforms do not. You need to have your link in your bio, that’s a given. If you add the link to the caption of your content, it’s virtually useless because you cannot click on it from there. The only actual link will be provided in bio. Therefore, one of the more important things is to be straightforward, welcoming, and also have a strong brand image. Create your content in an appealing way and make sure they are high-quality. Content is extremely important in sparking your followers’ interest in finding out more.

This is beautiful content, super suggestive, and also BONUS points for a regram! Nice.

  1. Audience

You can have a million followers, but if they don’t care about your product or brand, and aren’t interested, you’re not going to gain much from that. Here at Social Envy, it’s super important for us to make sure we hit those targets that you provide us, and this is exactly why. You’ve got to have the right target audience. It makes it so much easier to sell to and actually increase sales when your audience is listening. This specificity will make your life a lot less difficult and more fruitful in the long run. Really be specific and clear about your ideal audience.

Okay guys! Hopefully you’re already using some of these tools. How do you make sure you’re successful in selling on IG? Let us know!