25 Nov, 2016

The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram

25 Nov, 2016

1 in 5 people who use the internet also use Instagram. It’s a powerful tool that can get you some major exposure. But how to get your insta account trending? Here we offer you our top tips to boost engagement:

There are three key points to making your Insta account a major success: followers, comments and likes.

Firstly, you want to maximise the number of followers you have. There are a couple of legit ways to do this, and there are a couple of less than legit ways to go about it.

Legit: You should make sure that your account is public, that you’re following and engaging with similar accounts, and that you’re posting regularly (we recommend 3 times a day).

Not Legit: You should also avoid the mass follow and unfollow tactic that is often used. Not only is this annoying, but these followers aren’t genuine nor are they interested in your account.

What about buying followers?

This is a great question—there are a few trusted suppliers of Instagram followers and there are many dodgy sources. Dodgy sources will usually sell you a certain number of followers, e.g. 1000 followers for $9.99. These are usually all fake accounts which have been created purely to boost followings. Not only are these fake followers useless in terms of engagement, they can also get you in major trouble with the ‘gram.

However, there are some sources, like us here at Social Envy that organically grow your following using a system that has been approved by Instagram. We can get your account organically featured on the explore page for users that actively use the hashtags that you use. This means that your followers are not only real but are genuinely interested in your content too. You want to use a service that increases engagement, rather than just providing you with thousands of ‘ghost’ followers.


Good images mean more likes. Here are our top tips for improving your Insta’s #aesthetic:

  1. Use Faces. Did you know that images with people in them have around 38% more engagement than those without?
  2. Lighten Images. Lighter images get around 24% more post engagement than darker images.
  3. Empty Space. Make the most of empty space—posts with a clear background and less clutter get 29% more engagement.
  4. Quality over quantity. Post great pictures and delete the average ones. Be harsh and only post pictures that you love (and that your followers will love too).

Social Envy athlete @jessica.addis nails the people/empty space combo:



Lastly, comments are such an important part of engagement and increasing your Insta following. Your captions and #hashtags are the most important way of encouraging your followers to engage with you. Here are our top tips for encouraging other users to comment on your ‘gram:

  1. Don’t overdo the #hashtags. Try to keep your hashtags under 5 key tags per post as more can decrease engagement.
  2. Call to action! Ask your followers to do something—whether that be to follow the link in your bio or to tag a friend in the comments.
  3. Ask questions. People love answering questions, and it will be hard to resist leaving a comment.
  4. Be a little vague. If you provide every detail, what’s left for them to engage with? Leave your followers with some questions of their own.
  5. Connect with your other social media accounts. Connect your Insta with your Facebook, Twitter, etc. This allows you to combine your followings!

Our gal @debbie_sugrue pulls off the caption perfectly below:


Got any other tips? Let us know in the comments below!



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